Gatorade Official Wearables

Gatorade x RKL Overview

We were thrilled to announce that Gatorade had become our official sports drink partner of our Rumble Kong League brand. This exciting collaboration, confirmed by PepsiCo, Gatorade's parent company, will bring diverse in-game integrations within our upcoming mobile basketball title.

Leading the charge is the introduction of the "G-Machine," a virtual vending apparatus within the game. This innovative feature allows players to unlock digital collectibles, including a variety of Gatorade-branded items, by using G-Coins earned through their gameplay achievements.

Fans of the RKL can look forward to sporting Gatorade-themed gear not only during intense on-court showdowns, but also while exploring the open-world cityscape of Athlos, whilst in our interactive menu hub. With collections that span the Vintage, Hydroslam, and G-Gear lines, players were able to obtain a total of 12 wearables to use whilst they ball out in the RKL.

Our CEO, Nick Vale said, "We're thrilled to partner with Gatorade to bring fun and innovative experiences to the global gaming community. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming while offering a glimpse into the future of fan engagement, where the lines between physical and digital worlds blur."

As we prepare for Rumble Kong League's summer debut on iOS and Android platforms, this collaboration with Gatorade underscores our commitment to delivering immersive experiences while leveraging the growing intersection of gaming and real-world brands. Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up to redefine NFT mobile basketball gaming. Check out some of those in-game wearables on the court, in our Gatorade showcase piece below!

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