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When your team holds the ball, the Shoot button is your main tool for taking a shot at the net, and it gives you a lot of control over the game. Shooting requires strategy and skill as you calculate the risk and reward of taking a shot. Score a bucket and earn points, but miss and risk losing possession of the ball. This is the primary skill based mechanic in the game.

  • Summary: An instant action that lets the player shoot the ball

  • Category: Offensive

  • Activate: Press and release Action Bar

  • Key Boosts: Shooting (far shots) and Finish (Close Shots)

Detailed Description

How it work:

  • Player presses and holds the Shoot button

  • Action Bar appears on the screen

  • Arrow moves across the bar

  • Player tries to release the button when the arrow is in the green zone

  • Kong shoots the ball

  • Successful Action Bar results in a making the basket

  • Failed Action Bar results in a missing the basket

Action Bar:

More information about the Action Bar, you can click here: Action Bar


The opposing team can block your shot, which adds a thrilling element of risk to the game. Blocking is automated and depends on the position of the opposing Kongs and their Defense Boost level.

  • Is an opposing Kong within 2 meters of the ball's flight path (yes/no)

  • What is the Defense Boost of the Kong in position? Kongs with high Defense have a better chance of blocking the ball.

  • What is the Shooting / Finish Boost of the Kong shooting the ball? Kongs with high Shooting / Finish have an easier time making a shot.

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