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Steal Overview

Nothing is more exhilarating than pulling off a perfect steal to turn the tide of a game. With the Steal, players can attempt to snatch the ball away from the opposing team and gain the upper hand.

  • Summary: An instant action that lets the player attempt to take the ball away from the opposing team

  • Category: Defensive

  • Activate: Instant action with a cooldown

  • Key Boost: Defense

Detailed Description

How it works:

  • Player presses the steal button

  • Kong attempts to steal the ball

  • If successful, Kong steals the ball and gains control of it

  • If unsuccessful, the opposing player retains control of the ball


Stealing gives the player the chance to steal the ball. However it is not automatic, and success relies on the following conditions.

  • What are the positions of the Kongs?

  • What is the Defense Boost Kong trying to steal the ball? Kongs with high Defense are more effective at stealing the ball

  • What is the Vision Boost of the Kong with the ball? High Vision will help a Kong avoid getting the ball stolen from them.


The cooldown period for Steal is designed to encourage strategic play, as the player must decide when it will be most advantageous to attempt to steal the ball.

  • Base cooldown = 1 seconds

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