Our Mission

The Rumble Kong League (RKL) Mission

We believe that a dynamic, engaged, and passionate community is the foundation of any successful gaming ecosystem. We began as a core group of dedicated community members passionate about hoops and sports culture in 2021. Since then, we've grown as The Rumble Kong League mission and IP have spread to friends, families, fans and beyond. Community is at the heart of everything we do. They have a front seat in the action, help steer the direction, and are truly the most important piece of the entire ecosystem.

As we evolve, RKL is committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming and beyond. We aim to innovate, build, and refine the elements that make our game unique and exciting. Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Digital Ownership: Fully own your game assets and their IP, and do what YOU want with them.

  • Compete-to-Earn: Play to earn rewards that elevate your game and align incentives.

  • Clubs: Join clubs, collaborate with teammates, earn and dominate the league together.

  • Varied Game Modes: Experience a range of game modes that keep the excitement fresh and engaging for any hooper.

  • Interactive World, Athlos: Seamlessly navigate through our futuristic sports metropolis with our intuitive and interactive menu hub system. Athlos interconnects all future sports titles.

We believe there are still many exciting features to explore in mobile gaming that will drive the next generation of competitive play. At Rumble Kong League, we're dedicated to discovering and implementing these features to enhance your gaming experience and leave you as a lifelong Kong. Join us on the court and be part of the revolution in high-octane mobile basketball gaming! Next up, we explore the core pillars of the RKL and why we want to build the next basketball gaming franchise and beyond.

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