Casual Play

Anything on this page is subject to change throughout the development progress of the game. We will thoroughly test and validate any feature before it goes live.


First and foremost, casual play is available to everyone, with a strong emphasis on accessibility. Players will have access to the core game, however rewards will be limited compared to clubs play.

Casual play is designed to offer the following experiences to players.

  • Basketball Gameplay for the average consumer

  • Web3 onboarding, with a seamless way for players to transition from web2 to web3

  • Continuous gameplay for Club players that want lower stakes gameplay or are in-between Clubs play


Players will compete to move up to higher divisions. Each division is a leaderboard of approximately 100 other players, and each division will have multiple instances. For example, you may be in one “instance” of division 9, while your friend is in a different “instance” of division 9. The number of instances for each division will be a product of the number of people playing the game in any given month. Rewards will be tied to ending a season at the top of a division.


Gameplay will be broken up into 4 week seasons, where players will compete with each other to move up and down in divisions. Rewards, battle passes, and other familiar mobile game mechanics will work within these seasonal windows.


Rewards in casual play will primarily be in-game soft currency (non-token), player skins, and entry level NFT playable characters. The highest divisions will have the opportunity to win hard currency ($FAME), but it will be very hard for low boosted players to reach these top divisions.

Accessing Gameplay:

There is no barrier to participating in casual play. You will need playable characters to play, however players can collect these characters through the normal course of play. Starter characters will likely be non-digital collectibles, and players can win/unlock/borrow/purchase digital collectible characters which will be part of the onboarding experience into the web3 aspects of the game. This onboarding can be circumvented by purchasing characters on the open market.

Note, Rumble Kongs will always have an advantage over other collections. This will be primarily reflected in their boosts.

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