On Fire Mode

Anything on this page is subject to change throughout the development progress of the game. We will thoroughly test and validate any feature before it goes live.


Get ready to ignite the court with Rumble Mode, an electrifying feature that will add a whole new level of excitement to your game! Each player will have an energy bar that charges up with every move they make, from making baskets to blocking shots. When the bar reaches maximum capacity, Rumble Mode unleashes a fiery burst of energy that sets the game ablaze!


  • Bar capacity is 100 energy points

  • Default refill rate is 1 point per second

  • Rumble Mode automatically activates when the bar is full

  • Default burn rate is 10 points per second

Charging Sources

  • Player makes a basket +20

  • Opponent makes a basket +25

  • Pass +5

  • Shoot or Finish (even if missed/blocked) +5 energy

  • Successful Block +15 energy

  • Successful Steal +15 energy

  • Double Up +5 energy

  • Successful Tackle +20 energy


With Rumble Mode activated, your team will enjoy a global buff that increases movement speed and provides a 20% bonus to all Boosts. You'll also find that your Action Bar becomes easier to manage, making it easier to execute your moves with precision and speed. But don't get too comfortable - Rumble Mode only lasts for 10 seconds, and your energy bar will burn down at a rate of 10 points per second.

  • 20% movement speed

  • 20% bonus to all Boosts (Defense, Shooting, Finish, Vision)

  • Action bar is made easier

  • 10 second duration (bar burns at 10 points per second rate)

  • While Rumble Mode is activated, no energy is refilled

  • When Rumble Mode has faded, energy starts refilling again after 3 second pause

Ultimate Abilities

To add even more excitement, Rumble Mode also unlocks ultimate abilities that are randomly selected. These abilities, such as Fire Dunk, Power Shot, and Shockwave, can turn the tide of the game in your favor, giving you an edge over your opponents. Once an ability is unlocked, it remains available for use, even if Rumble Mode has expired.

  • Ability becomes active when energy is full

  • Ability is picked randomly from a pre-selected playbook (e.g. Fire Dunk, Power Shot, Shockwave)

  • Ability remains available until used, even if the Rumble Mode has expired

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