Each player in Rumble Kong League will have their own special offensive ability (when they have possession of the ball) and defensive ability (when they are defending against the opponent's attack).

It has been decided that the approach to abilities will consider two solutions:

Casual Friendly: The specials are more similar to avoid too much context switching for players, varying less in form and more in animations. With this, the specials are easier to use, but there is no learning curve for mastering the game.

Linked to Equipment (Loadout): Linked to equipment, meaning it depends on the equipment that the player has and how they equip these items to the players they own. Equipment will be limited to body types (Strong or Light) for equipping These special abilities contain a few variations for both offense and defense including: Tackle - The player automatically sprints towards the opposing ball handler to tackle them and potentially regain possession of the ball.

Super Dunk - The player automatically performs a special dunk if they are in the predetermined area of the court. Bubble Shield - The player activates a technological shield that protects his basketball hoop.

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