Rumble Clubs


The Rumble Clubs Digital Collectibles collection features 50 exclusive club NFTs, each unlocking unique competitive and social experiences within the Rumble Kong League universe. These digital collectibles offer significant earning potential through prize pools, intra-club competitive multiplayer games, and a venue for user-generated content and player-driven narratives. Additionally, they lay the foundation for a strong fan community, engaging both casual players and dedicated competitors.

Unlike casual mode's ranking system, clubs participate in conferences of 20-30 teams, giving every club a shot at becoming conference champions and advancing to the finals. Club seasons are structured over 12 weeks, broken into smaller phases where teams typically play twice a week at specific times. This schedule raises the tension and stakes for each game, turning every match into a must-see event that players can mark on their calendars and spectators can enjoy on the big screen in Athlos Plaza.

Participation in club play requires a Club token, with rewards distributed by the club holder. These rewards can be shared evenly or negotiated among members, adding a strategic element to team dynamics. The ultimate goal is to win the season championship, but there are also significant rewards for conference success and finals qualification, primarily in the hard currency, FAME. To join a club and start your journey, check out the Discord or drop onto X to find a variety of clubs eager to recruit high-boosted ballers.

Benefits Of Owning A Rumble Club

  • Significant Earning Potential: Compete for substantial rewards through prize pools.

  • Exclusive Multiplayer Games: Participate in intense, club-only games and tournaments.

  • User-Generated Content Venue: Create and share player-driven narratives and content.

  • Foster Community Fandom: Build a strong fanbase and engage with both casual and competitive players.

  • Strategic Team Play: Manage and distribute rewards among club members, adding a layer of depth to clubs play.

  • Structured Seasons: Participate in organized 12-week seasons with high-stakes games.

  • Increased Visibility: Play in scheduled games that can be watched by spectators in Athlos Plaza and major social streaming services.

  • Access to Hard Currency (FAME): Earn valuable in-game currency through conference success and finals qualifications and wins.

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