Clubs Play

Anything on this page is subject to change throughout the development progress of the game. We will thoroughly test and validate any feature before it goes live.


  • Prize pools with significant earning potential

  • Intra-club competitive multiplayer games

  • Venue for UGC and player driven narratives

  • & a foundation for fandom amongst all players (including Causal players)

Casual to Clubs Play Differences

Unlike casual mode's ranking system, clubs engage in conferences of 20-30 teams, offering any club a shot at becoming conference champions and advancing to the finals.

Clubs Play Seasons

Your Kongs can shine in both casual and tournament play, ensuring double the rewards, so get ready to gear up for an exhilarating basketball experience, and stake your claim in Clubs play!

Club seasons are limited to 12 weeks, and will be broken into smaller phases where usually teams will play 2 times a week at specific times. The goal of having limited club play is to raise the tension and stakes for each game, if you know that your team is only playing at 7 pm on Wednesday that week, itโ€™s something you can mark in your calendar, make time for and get tickets for to watch on the big screen in Athlos plaza. The biggest prize goes to the season champions, but there are rewards for conference success and finals qualification, primarily in the hard currency FAME.

Clubs Tokens

Club play requires a Club token, and rewards are up to the club holder to distribute among members. Whether evenly splitting or negotiating percentages, it's in the hands of the club. To find a club for your future all-star, hit up the Discord or drop onto X to discover the huge variety of Clubs waiting to sign up your high boosted baller.

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