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What is Socialfi?

What activities can I participate in to earn FAME points?

→ Social quests, posting twitter posts with $FAME and engaging with RKL and FAME posts.

How are fame points calculated and are points earned during the event relatively converted with $FAME Token?

→ Fame points are awarded as you complete quests, make posts referencing $FAME and engage with RKL and FAME Social posts.

Can I track my FAME points in real-time?

→ Some FAME points will be awarded real time while others will be awarded throughout the campaign (We cannot do everything real-time due to twitter API restrictions i.e.)

How long till my points and multipliers update?

→ Multipliers will update every 12h

Are there benefits for holding RKL NFTs for $FAME? (Kongs, Rookies, Sneakers, etc) If so, will hold time be retroactive?

→ Holding RKL NFTs will give you benefits in terms of the multipliers awarded to you. The more RKL NFTs you hold the large your multiplier will be.

Am I able to connect multiple wallets with RKL NFTs?

→ Yes, and more wallet features will be added for convenience throughout the event.

When do we get new social quests added?

→ Social quests will be added throughout the campaign, but there is not clear schedule for these

When do my team path quests get verified?

→ Team path quests will get verified every 5 days as the new 'season' begins. There will be 4 seasons in total.

When will points finalize/snapshot occur?

→ Final snapshot occurs when the campaign ends.

Will there be a leaderboard system for this event?

→ Yes there is a leaderboard

Can I lose FAME points and if so, how?

→ They are yours unless you are found to be abusing our system or cheating in any way.

Are there any restrictions or rules I should be aware of during the event?

→ Yes, you will be able to earn FAME points throughout the whole campaing

What happens if I join the event late, can I still earn FAME points?

→ Yes, you will be able to earn FAME points throughout the whole campaign, although you need to give attention to limited-time quests.

When will this activation end?

When TGE begins

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