Super Dunk

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Superdunks can bring the heat in the RKL with a jaw-dropping, high-flying slam! This ain't just any dunk – it's your chance to show off and rack up points in style, while firing up your team and the crowd. But watch out – pulling off a Superdunk isn't easy. You risk getting blocked and sitting out for a moment, so only the boldest ballers will rise to the occasion.

Summary: An instant action that lets the player attempt a spectacular dunk to score points

Category: Offensive

Activate: Instant action with a cooldown

Key Boosts: Finish

Detailed Description

How it works:

  1. Player presses the Superdunk button.

  2. The player's Kong jumps towards the basket, attempting a high-flying dunk.

  3. If successful, the player scores points with an incredible dunk.

  4. If unsuccessful, the player's Kong gets blocked and is out of play for 0.5 seconds.

Cooldown: The cooldown period for Superdunk is designed to encourage strategic play, as the player must decide when it will be most advantageous to attempt a Superdunk.

  • Base cooldown = 3 seconds

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