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Tackle is a game-changing defensive move that allows the player to unleash their inner beast and take down opponents with a bone-crunching tackle! With the ability to knock the ball loose and give any player a chance to gain control, Tackle is the ultimate tool for turning the game around. But beware - this move is not for the faint of heart. With the risk of falling flat and being out of play for half a second, only the most tactical players will emerge victorious.

  • Summary: An instant action that lets the player attempt to tackle the opposing player and knock the ball out of their possession

  • Category: Defensive

  • Activate: Instant action with a cooldown

  • Key Boosts: Defense

Detailed Description

How it works:

  • Player presses the Tackle button

  • The player's Kong charges towards the opposing player with the ball, attempting to tackle them

    • If successful, the opposing player loses control of the ball, allowing any player to grab it

    • If unsuccessful, the player's Kong falls flat and is out of play for 0.5 seconds


On defense, tackling becomes a player's moment for a high-risk/reward opportunity. The success of a Tackle relies on the following formula:

Basic Chance (20%) + (Tackler’s Defense /5) - (Ball Handler’s Vision/5)

The ball handler can always try to quickly pass or shoot the ball if they see a Kong coming in for the kill. This interrupts the tackle, causing it to fail.


  • Tackler has a Defense Boost of 84, ball handler has a Vision Boost of 36. Basic Chance (20%) + tackler’s Defense Boost/5 (16%) - ball handler’s Vision/5 (7%) = 31% of successfully tackling the ball handler.


The cooldown period for Tackle is designed to encourage strategic play, as the player must decide when it will be most advantageous to attempt a tackle.

  • Base cooldown = 2 seconds

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