Rumble Rookies


The Rumble Rookies Digital Collectible collection introduces a new generation of 10,000 unique rookie players to the Rumble Kong League universe. Each digital collectible in this series features a distinct rookie player, complete with their own set of traits, boosts, and drip similair to the Rumble Kongs.

These collectibles go beyond their digital art though; they offer exclusive in-game content and competitive advantages with their boost ratings. By owning a Rumble Rookies digital collectible, you gain access to special tournaments, rare customization options, and the ability to trade and sell your assets in various digital collectible marketplaces. When it comes to boosts, Rookies have a much lower boost rating in general than the Rumble Kongs. However, some Rookies will still have higher boost ratings that Kongs. In terms of earning poetential, they will have limited earning capacity compared to Rumble Kongs.

Benefits Of Owning A Rumble Rookie

  • Unique Player Ownership: Each Rumble Rookies digital collectible represents a one-of-a-kind rookie player with distinct boosts and traits that can be used in-game.

  • Exclusive In-Game Content: Access special tournaments and events reserved for Rumble Rookie holders.

  • Customization Options: Unlock rare gear and customization options to enhance your rookie's appearance and abilities.

  • Competitive Advantage: Gain unique abilities and boosts that can give you an edge in matches.

  • Trade and Sell: Buy, sell, and trade your digital collectibles in various online marketplaces, such as Opensea, Blur and Magic Eden

  • Community Access: Join an exclusive community of Rumble Rookies owners, participating in community-driven events and discussions surrounding the RKL.

  • Enhanced Gameplay: Enjoy a richer, more engaging gaming experience with your unique rookie player, gaining access to certain game modes.

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