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Pinned down by the defense? About to be tackled? You’d better pass the rock! A quick pass can flip the game's momentum in a heartbeat. Nail it, and you’ll set up your teammate for a legendary shot, leaving the opposition speechless. But keep your head up – every pass is a gamble. The other team is always ready to snag the ball and take control.

  • Summary: A lightning-fast action that lets you pass the ball to one of your teammates.

  • Category: Offensive

  • Activate: Instant action with a cooldown

  • Key Boost: Vision

Detailed Description

How it works:

  • With one swift motion, the player hits the Pass button

  • The game selects the perfect teammate to receive the pass

  • The game checks whether an enemy Kong is in the ball's flight path

  • If yes, the enemy Kong is given a chance to intercept the ball

  • If no, the receiver catches the ball

  • The Pass button is put on a brief cooldown to prevent spamming


The cooldown timer encourages players to think strategically and not rely solely on passing. After all, no one wants to be caught without the ability to pass in a crucial moment.

  • Base cooldown = 2 seconds

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