Rumble Kongs

Rumble Kong's Overview

The Rumble Kong League NFT Collection is a groundbreaking fusion of street basketball culture and cutting-edge blockchain technology. Each NFT in the collection represents a unique, hand-crafted Kong player, complete with distinct traits, boosts, and style to stand out on the basketball court.

These digital collectibles are more than just art โ€“ they are your gateway to exclusive in-game content and competitive play within the Rumble Kong League universe.

By owning a Rumble Kong digital collectible, you gain access to special tournaments, rare gear, and the ability to trade and sell your assets on the open market. Elevate your game and showcase your Kongโ€™s dominance both on and off the court with one of these 10,000 hooper beasts!

Benefits Of Owning A Rumble Kong

  • Unique Player Ownership: Each Rumble Kong NFT represents a one-of-a-kind player with distinct boosts and traits that can be used in-game.

  • Exclusive In-Game Content: Access special tournaments and events reserved for our holders such as clubs play, where kongs can compete to earn our in-game token $FAME.

  • Customization Options: Unlock rare gear and customization options to enhance your player's appearance and abilities in-game.

  • Rental Capabilities: Rent out your Rumble Kong to other players to earn tokens through our renting system

  • Competitive Advantage: Gain unique abilities and boosts that can give you an edge in games.

  • Trade and Sell: Buy, sell, and trade your NFTs in the vibrant crypto marketplace.

  • Community Access: Join an exclusive community of Rumble Kong owners, participating in community-driven events and discussions.

  • Enhanced Gameplay: Enjoy a richer, more engaging gaming experience with your unique Kong player.

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