Casual & Ranked play

Let the games begin
As you all know, RKL gameplay will focus on 3 modes including casual, ranked and club. Today, we will be looking into 2 of those, with this article focusing on the mechanics of both casual and ranked gameplay. We will be diving into the club’s mechanics in a separate post.
First, let’s take a look at casual!
Casual mode is all about testing strategies, team selection, abilities and which Kongs play in the best positions. Think of it as a testing lab to get the correct formula for your winning team. Currently, each game will play out within a 5-minute time period. The shot clock will be set to 24 seconds, and you’ll have to come up with the best strategy to win and beat your opponents. Casual mode is great for getting used to the game, understanding each feature’s complexity and really thinking hard about how you can dominate in the ranked leagues.
Casual Play Features:
  • Casual play does not affect a Kong's stamina
  • NFT Kongs do not gain EXP in casual play (currently, subject to change)
  • Casual play provides no token or NFT rewards
  • Casual play can be played with a Random real player, a friend list player or a bot player
  • If there are not enough Kongs in the player’s wallet to start a 3v3 game, his teammates will be added automatically from a pre-determined set of Rumble Kongs
  • If there are not enough live players, we create an AI team to play against you
More details will be released soon on how a lot of these functions will operate in the game.
Ranked Mode
Ranked, is a play-and-earn game mode, where players can earn rank points, tokens and in-game rewards. Players who have a 3 kong team (either through owning or renting) can enter ranked play at any time from the main menu screen.
Players cannot enter the ranked mode unless they have a full team of three Kongs.
The system will search for an opponent and once a match is set up, the game will start. The matchmaking process will be based on the player's rank and tier.
As we provide asynchronous gameplay, the opponent's team will be a copy of the existing one from the player's current division and will be controlled by an AI. This will only come into play if matchmaking takes longer than 30 seconds.
Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic…
Bots and matchmaking
To make solo ranked mode accessible to anyone at any time, we will use AI teams if matchmaking takes longer than 30 seconds. AI teams are a copy of another players' team, it’s key to note that their Kongs will always have full stamina and the game outcome will not alter their Rank points or division position.
We plan to airdrop RKL tokens as a reward for participation in the MVP phase, the full play and earn system will be developed during the soft launch phase of the game. This will of course come after the initial alpha and beta build of The Rumble Kong League game.
Main Gameplay Logic
The ranked mode ladder consists of 10 divisions. Ranked play occurs in seasons, each currently lasting a total of 2 weeks (subject to change). During a season, rewards are handed out to players who participate in the RKL. These include the likes of season-specific rewards, cosmetic items, achievement rewards and token earnings.
At the end of a season, players are given these rewards, and at the start of the next season, every player's rank is reset 3 Divisions back to begin the climb up again. Again, these current plans are not set in stone, so we may alter these mechanics based on your feedback and initial user testing.
Players earn Rank Points while winning games and lose them when they’re defeated. Each win is worth ±50 RP. There is also a winning streak feature that doubles the amount of RP earned from a win if the player also won their previous ranked game.
How Divisions Work
Every division has a pool of players. Players can move through divisions upon reaching a predetermined number of Ranked Points, collected from winning ranked games.
Every division has its own limit of tokens which can be earned through playing. This is the same for special rewards, an example being in-game consumables or wearables. When players are promoted through divisions by reaching RP milestones, they will expand their potential earning limit in tokens as well as their ability to earn in-game rewards.
Division 1 Gameplay
When players reach the very top division, there are no further heights to climb. Instead of this, teams will ball against each other to be the best of the best. As mentioned before, at the end of any season players will be reset back 3 divisions. So if you win the division 1 title from the previous season you’ll have to hoop your way back to the top. Let’s discuss some of the key features of ranked play.
Ranked Play Features:
  • Only NFT Kongs can be selected for Ranked play
  • Ranked play does affect Stamina
  • Ranked play may require an entrance fee (IE: tournaments & events)
  • Ranked play provides token and NFT rewards
  • NFT Kongs can gain EXP in ranked play
  • Some types of ranked play are solo, while others require you to be a part of a Club
Ranked Play Types:
  • Solo Ranked 3x3
  • Solo Tournament 3x3
  • Club Tournament 3x3
  • Club League 3x3
Solo Ranked 3x3
Winning a game will reward the player with a number of tokens, this will be limited daily. Limits are defined by a division and the placement within that division.
Kongs gain EXP for ranked games, winning or losing games will influence your overall rank. Obtaining rank points moves a player to the next division. There are 7 divisions + 3 higher-tier divisions for the best teams/clubs in the league.
All players start at D10 with 0 rank points. Accumulating rank points will move you all the way up to D7. You can continue your progress to compete for a placement in the 3 higher divisions which offer even better rewards.
However, rank points in D3-D1 reset weekly. Every week players are rewarded with additional tokens and items based on their division placement.
We will change the appearance of the Ranked Arena adding more elements upon reaching Divisions 6 and 3.
Finally, there is a top-100 leaderboard with additional rewards for the best players in the overall RKL. Those who stay in this top bracket of players, will have a special number marked on their profiles. Finishing a week in the top 100 should be regarded as a profile achievement and mentioned in Kong's metadata. This is still a work in progress, but we wanted to showcase some of our thoughts on how you Kongs can show off your stats and achievements
We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the RKL Casual & Ranked gameplay mechanics, as always if you have any feedback please comment across our various social channels!
This article and all of its content is a full work in progress.