RKL Clubs

How RKL Clubs will work in the game
A club is an environment in which one or multiple Kongs can join, run and compete against other clubs.
A Club's main purpose within the game is to recruit players who own a Kong, strengthening their teams so they can earn more tokens from placing in higher divisions. A player in the RKL can own a Kong and not own a Club.
Lending a Kong to a Club does not mean that the Kong will be taken from the player's team. If another RKL Club would like to take this Kong to participate in a game, they will get a copy of the Kong directly within the game, without any access to Kong's NFT or wallet itself
(No NFT owning, no changing abilities, customization etc)
Clubs Summary:
  • 10 Divisions, 30 Clubs per division, 300 Clubs total
  • Up to 30 Kongs per club
  • 9000 Kongs able to join a club
  • 1000 Kongs acting as free agents
Club Features:
  1. 1.
    Club uniform for all Kongs (customizable by The Club Management)
  2. 2.
    Club Kong pool from every Club member to rent Kongs from
  3. 3.
    Access to Club leagues
  4. 4.
    Percentage of Club payouts
  5. 5.
    Use Academy to upgrade Kong's stats (still WIP/subject to change)
Clubs own arenas, which act as a place to hold matches and train Club member Kongs (Academy).
Championship matches are hosted in the arenas of the participating Clubs. Arena owners (Clubs) who host games, tournaments, and special events could also look to collect a fee for watching & participating. When not hosting a game between teams, Arenas can be used to train Kongs, improving their boosts and various other attributes.
More details will be released on this soon, but we wanted to at least show you our plans for how we envision clubs to end up looking.
List of all modules currently in the scope for Clubs:
  1. 1.
    Hierarchy system
  2. 2.
    Member management tool
  3. 3.
    Kong management tool
  4. 4.
    Club treasury
  5. 5.
    Tournament participation and hosting
  6. 6.
    Club upgrades
  7. 7.
    Club customization
  8. 8.
    Arena customization
  9. 9.
    Club chat system
  10. 10.
    Voting system
This article and all of its content is a full work in progress.
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